Living with Alex

Alex Israel that is. And who is he in case you don’t know? He is an artist from Los Angeles who has been making some really incredible stuff. The first paintings I saw of his were these large, pastel colored spray painted canvases. Some of the canvases were shaped into were plain rectangles, and others he morphed into shapes using canvas itself.

To me they looked like portals. Like portals into this other world where everything is bright and hyper-happy. The show described the work as inspired from Hollywood back drops or set pieces. Whether the artist ment it the way I saw them or not, it still would kinda make sense. Hollywood itself is a portal through which you observe these fantasy worlds, and the actors and sets are pieces of that function.

Alex also does interviews of famous people that are some of the most entertaining interviews I have ever seen. You can watch them on his website As it lays. The interview with Marilyn Mansion is particularly amazing.

Anyway back to the image of this post. That is a self portrait of the artist done on a fiberglass canvas, much like a surfboard. I put the piece up in my family room and have him looking out toward Biscayne Bay. His artwork makes me happy, so in turn I wanted this image of him to spend his time with us looking out into the beautiful Miami skyline. I hope that makes him happy too.

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