Karen Walker sunnies are yum!

Yes I said yum, and I mean yum! These sunnies are like chocolate for my fashion loving eyes. Now some might say that I am a bit of a sunglass-aholic, and those some would be correct as I do have a little bit of a collection going. And while there are a lot of beauties in there these Karen Walker sunglasses are my current favs.

Why are they my favorite you might be asking right now? The reason is simple. These sunglasses manage to combine fun and sophistication together in the perfect quantities. The print on the frame is beautiful, and the colors seem to be moving around in here, which makes them fun. Then comes the shape. It’s almost as if the design started from mens 1950’s style glasses and have been morphed into this very feminine shape. I think that trace DNA is what gives them the nice look of sophistication. Well either way that is my 2 cent analysis. Yum!

Karen Walker

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