The Perfect Acai Bowl

I love Acai bowls, and what is not to love about something that is delicous and healthy at the same time! Now that this treat has gone mainstream it seems you can buy yourself an acai bowl just about anywhere these days. But no matter how great the restaurant is where I might try a bowl, I have never found one better than one I can make at home using this simple recipe I learned from my friends the Valente Brothers. And in case you are not familiar with acai, here is the executive summary on the health benefits of this superfood.


Healthy Benefits of Acai

  • Good for your heart – Acai is extremely high in anthocyanins, which are those same things that are found in red wine that you may have heard about.
  • Helps make you skinny – Some studies have shown that just by adding acai to your diet, your body naturally moves toward it’s ideal weight.
  • Helps with digestion – The berries are naturally high in fiber and also contain natural detoxification agents.
  • Anti-aging – Very high in vitamin C and ellagic acid

    The Perfect Acai Bowl

    This recipe will make 2 full servings of acai bowl.


      2 packages of Nativo acai, frozen.

        5 ripe bananas


        I start by taking the 2 packages of the frozen acai, putting them on the counter and breaking them into little pieces using a kitchen mallet. This is necessary in order to get them to fit into any normal size blender. Next I place all of the contents of those 2 packages into the blender. Next I peel 5 ripe bananas (ripe bananas are necessary to get a nice, sweet taste to the bowl) and put them into the blender. Now the fun begins! I set my blender to the highest speed and start blending. You will probabaly need to have something handy like a wooden spoon to move the contents of the blender around when they get stuck during the blending process. It is very important that you blend the contents thoroughly as if you don’t, then the bowl will not have a nice, smooth consistency. You will know when the blending is done when the consistency is similar to ice cream or sorbet. Now take 2 bowls and pour the acai in them. At this point it is up to you, eating the acai bowl just like this already so delicious that my 3 year old son eats it thinking he is eating ice cream! But you could sprinkle any fruit you like on the top, or maybe some granola if you like. I personally like it mine plain and all those bananas inside keep me so full that I do not feel the need to snack at all before lunch! Enjoy!

        Start with these ingredients

        Show that blender who is boss!

        Makes 2 delicious acai bowls!

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    1. Looks delicious! Will have to try this!

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