How To Keep Your Skin Young

Today I share with you my secret to young-looking, softer skin. My secret is actually fairly simple. I use hemp seed oil and coconut oil on my skin every night. Hemp oil is a great natural moisturizer. It contains fatty acids that help repair cell damage, and has anti-inflammatory elements. Coconut oil is high in medium-chain fatty acids, which also helps your skin maintain moisture and elasticity. Additionally it is high in vitamin E.

The Products

  • Hemp seed oil
  • Coconut oil
  • The Process

    Every night I use the following process, using the hemp oil one night, and the coconut oil the other. I apply the lotion on every inch of my skin, from my toes to my neck. Then I put on socks, long pants (sweat pants, or something similarly soft), a long sleeve shirt (again something soft), and soft cotton gloves. This is important because it traps the lotion and lets it absorb into your skin all night long. It also keeps the lotion from getting all over your bedsheets and husband (or whoever you might be sharing the bed with đŸ˜‰ ).

    I also used the process religiously during my pregnancy. I credit this process with the fact that I got absolutely no stretch marks whatsoever, and no loose skin. I can tell you that this process works 100%.

    I use Life-Flo organic hemp oil.

    I use Nativa organic coconut oil.

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